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aramiss    28

Super Moderators

در این بخش می توانید آشنایی مختصری از پروژه های انجام گرفته توسط نرم افزار بوکد به همراه تصاویر مربوطه پیدا کنید

پروژه استادیوم ورزشی در افریقای جنوبی [undefined=undefined]





Main data:


Weight of steel construction: 8,000 tons


Coverings: 53,000 m² of PTFE membranes and 40,000 m² of panels in fibre-cement


Period of transport: from March 2008 to January 2009


Beginning-end of the erection of the steel structure on site: June 2008 – March 2009



With the kind authorization of Cimolai S.p.A.[/undefined]





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aramiss    28

Super Moderators

پروژه متروپل سایبان( Metropol Parasol )







Plaza de la Encarnación, Sevilla, Spain

•Construction time

2005 to 2011

June 2008 to March 2011 (timber construction)

April 2011 (opening)


Ayuntamiento de Sevilla und SACYR S.A.U.


J. Mayer H., Berlin


ARUP (structural design and techn. building services equipment), Finnforest (timber construction), bocad (CAD/CAM)


Area 75 x 150 m, height up to 28 m


3,500 m³ (brutto) Kerto-Q-laminated veneer lumber of 3,400 members

700 t steel of approx. 70,000 single parts

35,000 glued-in threaded rods, 12,000 transverse force angles, 3,000 nodes und 2,000 diagonals


Steel-concrete-composite girders for the ceiling and supporting platform

Timber construction in free form as a bend-proof grid bowl made of laminated veneer timber panels

Arrangement of girders in an orthogonal grid of 1.5 x 1.5 m

Dimensions from L: 1.5 - 16.5 m, W: 68 - 311 mm und H: 0.3 - 3.5 m

max. stem diameter 15.0 m

Structural wood preservation by boiler pressure impregnation and 3 mm

2-component polyurethane coating (permeable)

Component connection via fork head and glued-in threaded rod

Bracing of the construction by steel diagonals


via tower and platform scaffolding (96,000 m³ with 600 t)

tight workspace, great heat, tight shift work and night work


120 truck loads (timber construction)



Documents: Finnforest

Pictures: David Franck, Finnforest




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Saeed Aslani    23

Super Moderators

کاتالوگی از نرم افزار بوکد:


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aramiss    28

Super Moderators

تصاویر ی از پلی در شهر ونیز ایتالیا که با نرم افزار بوکد مدل شده است








Location: Venice, Italy


In use: from March 2010


Owner: A.S.M. SpA – Azienda Servizi Mobilità – Venezia


Architectural Project: Cocco Arch. Francesco


Structural project: Defina Ing. Michele


Construction and erection project: Ufficio Tecnico – BIT SpA


Steel fabrication of the line and bridges: BIT SpA


Used software: bocad-3D




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aramiss    28

Super Moderators

تصاویری از پروژه های دیگر..










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